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In the summer of 2010, ISG retained the services of Levy Public Relations to launch and promote its newest endeavor: Miami 2020 – an in depth analysis of South Florida’s condominium market. ISG is a fully integrated luxury real estate firm representing properties throughout South Florida and Latin America. With an impressive portfolio of luxury South Florida properties, this team of top real estate professionals provides their clients the latest expertise in marketing, sales and administrative solutions. Founded by Philip Spiegelman and Craig Studnicky, ISG offers developers in-depth local market research and is constantly adapting to market changes to provide immediate return for the real estate developments they represent. Earlier this year, ISG published its much awaited newest Miami Report, Miami 2020. In its fifth year, the 2015 report has been the most comprehensive assembled. In this report, in addition to the assemblage of the factual data on the current market, ISG also takes a forward look at the plans and activities in place that will shape and define South Florida’s future position as a center for International Commerce. In this issue ISG expanded the view of the impact factors that will have a lasting effect on the evolution of our coastal metropolis and how these factors will impact the real estate industry and influence growth. Due to the exceptional and distinct nature of this report, Levy Communications created a unique campaign to optimally market this specialized product. Levy Communications created the Miami 2020 campaign for their clients ISG focusing primarily on their development - Vizcayne. A building that had been through the downfall of 2008, Vizcayne’s new owners were looking for a way to communicate to the Latin American community about the new real estate cycle we were seeing in Miami and all of the growth along Biscayne Blvd. Levy devised an innovative strategy to spotlight Vizcayne and show how this exciting project was located right in the center of all the rousing growth Miami was experiencing. The firm utilized its global reach to spread the Miami 2020 image through major publications in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and Columbia. The international images of Miami 2020 intertwined with the local release to become a unified concept that has spiraled to become a selling tool among top producing brokerages throughout South Florida.    
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