Levy knows how to get the job done. In addition to public relations, we’ve used them to organize special events for our magazine that have drawn thousands of attendees. They are intelligent, well-organized, and a pleasure to work with. We never have to worry about the job being done right. They just get it.

Ross Fox // The Real Deal Magazine - www.therealdeal.com

Levy has handled public relations for PMG for the year. In our field of real estate development, national and international exposure is critical to building both our credibility and our appeal to buyers from a wide distribution of locales. Furthermore, as a firm with major operations in New York City, Miami, and Chicago, maintaing a consistent brand and level of quality across the country is paramount to our success. Levy has exceeded in meeting all of these obligations and working with them has been truly a pleasure.

Kevin Maloney // Property Markets Group - www.propertymg.com

We selected Levy to manage our marketing efforts at the Vizcayne Condominium because they get it. They understand our business of selling condos both domestically and off shore. Levy continues to come up with new ways to keep Vizcayne in the in the forefront of the Miami market via events, print media and television. They have taken the leadership role in planning our marketing efforts, but the best part is that they execute flawlessly.

Tom Duncan // Duncan Hillsley Capital - www.duncanhillsley.com

ISG has worked with The Levy Organization both for their own businesses and on properties for our many clients. They have been creative, professional and productive in all our mutual endeavors. We find this relationship to be the best fit for our specialized business and we will continue to engage them now and in the future.

Philip J. Spiegelman, Principal // International Sales Group - www.ISGworld.com